Apparently Everyone Lost This Game Of Strip Poker

March 2, 2016 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Dylan Henri, Bam Bam, and Osiris Blade Score Three Of A Kind At Next Door Raw

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And Poker Turns Into Poke-Him.

Here's the sitch:

Osiris Blade is bored at home, and invites two friends, Bam Bam and Dylan Henri, over to his place to chill. Instead of doing something boring like maintaining their friendship by catching up over conversation, or sharing experiences like watching a movie, these three do something a little more competitive.

I know what you're thinking: Monopoly? NO.

Strip poker? YES.

Once Osiris suggests it, Bam Bam and Dylan don't oblige, so it's off to the games they go.

Too bad everyone is equally bad.

Isn't someone supposed to win? Or was everyone equally bad at poker? Bam Bam is the worst. He loses the first round, and has to strip. Then he loses the second round and has to strip again! Fortunately, Dylan Loses the next round, then Osiris. By this time, everyone is naked. And looking at each other's dicks, trying to maintain their poker faces - "we gonna fuck or what?" - and failing.


Maybe everyone was bluffing so they could get naked quicker. Were they turned on by the sight of each other's dicks and were ready to have some naked fun? The world will never know - all we know is that the more clothes came off, the more heated things got, and a game of poker lead to a pretty hot threesome.

Things started out with some hot oral action, then in a rare feat, Osiris, who is usually a top, gets fucked by Dylan's huge cock. Such a gracious host. These two switch positions and fuck and suck in all different ways until they all shoot hot loads of cum all over the place. 

Have you ever played strip poker? Did you win or lose?


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