Seth Knight Is the Latest Bottom To Fuck Johnny V

February 19, 2016 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

At this point, Johnny V could have a whole site about bottoms he's had fuck him.

[WATCH: Seth Knight & Johnny V - American Muscle Hunks]

In an over-saturated gay porn market, a studio has to find their niche in order to survive. Falcon Studios has always had the prettiest boys. Helix Studios features the hottest twinks. Guys In Sweatpants features amateur sex done really well. Multiple boys have lost their virginity at amateur site GayHoopla, which has sort of become a Corbin Fisher competitor / the new FratMen.

While American Muscle Hunks definitely has found its niche in Muscle hunks having gay sex, they're beginning to carve out another niche for themselves:

Guys that are normally bottoms, topping Johnny V.

Michael Delray has done it.

Micah Brandt has done it.

And now, it's Seth Knight's turn.

I don't know what it is about Johnny, but he certainly has a knack for making some great bottoms into great tops. Even the most power bottomiest power bottoms fuck him with finesse. Look at Seth Knight go! Who knew he had it in him to pound one of the muscliest muscle butts around.

But that could also be why Johnny V enjoys working with power bottoms, because he knows that since they can TAKE a hard pounding, many of them can also GIVE a hard pounding. He's ALSO probably realized that the best bottoms make the best tops.

At this point, he could do a series contrary to's "Top To Bottom" and call it "Bottom to Top". And it would probably be more interesting than watching all those men suffer through something they don't enjoy or necessarily want to do.

Which power bottom would you like to see power top Johnny V next?


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