Video: Hot Guys Naked Oil Wrestle at Burning Man

February 17, 2016 | Posted in Editorial Features by his_excellency

I've always said no to the dreamers who've asked me to go to Burning Man where I can look forward to carrying a personal poop bucket around the desert while Converse and Airbnb try to give me free keychains and koozies. While I was kind of tempted to head West after realizing that the air would be thick with the stank of bare balls, if someone had mentioned that Jesus lookalikes would be naked oil wrestling, I'd be toting around the ol' poop pail with a shit eating grin! What, a gross sentence. 

Since drugs get in the way of my drinking I don't know if I've experienced the devil may care attitude needed for a sandy mescaline-fueled dong throw down, but thank God these beautiful tan boys are filled with abandon. You know things got messy with this oil wrestling because the description for this video on Vimeo says "Sorry that most of the video is quite blurry – that's because some oil got on the camera." Oil all over the damn place over there! The clip gets really clear at the 6 minute mark, and I have dibs on the guy in the middle at the 6 minute, 30 second mark. The video comes from the group Active Naturists who advocate nudity. Keep fighting the good fight guys!  

Via Vimeo   

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