Let's Talk About What This Gorgeous Man Does With a Cucumber

Ever since the days of Adam and Eve people have been getting naughty with produce - it's just human nature! While gays have been perfecting fucking themselves with cucumbers for probably as long, today's amateur hunk does more than just tickle his ranch hole with a GMO monster. In a move that really brightened up my Monday, our boy works himself up while laying on a massage table, then effortlessly grabs a cucumber from somewhere, cums on it, face fucks himself with his dude juice, and THEN shoves the cucumber up his ass! 

Is this a turn on? Have you done something similar in your own life? With an artichoke? Did you think he was going to eat the cucumber after he was done with his bag of tricks? How cool would it be if two guys jizzed on that monster cucumber and then used it as a two sided dildo? So much to think about right now! 

Via xHamster

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