Johnny Rapid Gets Fucked for the 100th Time

December 1, 2015 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


Go, Johnny go!

Get ready to update the history books! Johnny Rapid recently shot his 100th scene getting fucking on camera, with the milestone penetration going to Darin Silvers for an orgy shot at The folks at Str8up Gay Porn have been meticulously counting down the lucky dicks to have entered Johnny's hairy butthole, and you can see a full list of the scenes HERE. Going through his history of accomplishments you're bound to be reminded of some of your favorite fap sessions, and you're also bound to be impressed that every single time Rapid ass swallows peen he makes a face like he didn't even realize something could go up there. A dick in my butt? What's happening! 

The video to bring Johnny Rapid into the 100 hole punch club is called Stop In, and the plot involves the hottie moving in next door to Bennett Anthony in a suburban neighborhood. Bennett invites Johnny over for a pool party... but it turns out it's an orgy! I love that while some gay porn takes place in concrete dungeons, classrooms, barn haylofts, and swanky apartments, there's also a ton of Wisteria Lane gay fucking that takes place in McMansions decked out in Ethan Allen living room sets. Here's the setting of this particular cul-de-sac porn video:


And I'm hard. Here's the moment that Johnny lost his 100 dick virginity:


Mazel. Here's the trailer for Stop In:

And here are the pics!

Don't miss Johnny Rapid's 100th Dick in Stop In at

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