GayHoopla Introduces Adorable Model Kyle Dean

Watch The Stunning 18-Year-Old Explore His Sexuality At GayHoopla


To put it simply, Kyle Dean is stunning.

To put it complicatedly: we go:

He's got looks that parallel those of movie stars his same age; he's got a great smile, and can probably charm the pants off of anyone. Somehow, even his acne is endearing (unlike Jeremy Diesel's backne). But cut him some slack; unlike Jeremy, who is 22, Kyle is only 18.


Besides having a handsome face, Kyle Dean has got the body of a god. Seeing as he's lived at the beach for the last 12 years, he's probably ALWAYS got his summer bod ready to go. His cock is hot (and you can tell he definitely knows his way around it), his muscles huge (and you can tell he definitely poses and flexes in the mirror). But my favorite part of his body, besides his handsome face? DAT ASS. 


Kyle's ass is big, round, and hairy; I bet if he bottomed, it would vibrate as the top pounded against it. Could you imagine watching that? If it's anything like watching his ass move up and down as he grinds his cock against the bed, then we're in for a treat.
Two words: HOO BOY.

And then we get to watch him work his cock. Instead of working his right arm and moving it up and down his cock, like most guys do, Kyle does the opposite; he holds his hand still, and basically fucks his hand. It's so hot watching all of his muscles move about, in the way that Sean Costin and Adam McBride's do. It's also a good preview for how we'll get to see him when he tops.
Two words: OH MY.

So what do you think of Kyle Dean? Too pretty, or not pretty at all? Who would you want to see him top for? Who would you want to see him bottom for?

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