Brandon Makes Bottoming Debut on Sean Cody, Your Dick Yawns

November 30, 2015 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


Beautiful Brandon Bottoms Bareback 

You win some you splooge some. After a ton of hype Sean Cody model Brandon was finally filmed with a penis in his butthole this weekend. Brandon has been with Sean Cody for five years but has managed up until now to keep his ass a dick free zone. Well, Brandon got a lesson in what holes were made for when Tanner saddled up to his man cave sans condom. 


While no one was expecting a Jonny Rapid-esque asshole dick swallowing extravaganza, Brandon and Tanner sure did their best to keep your peen bendy and dry. Maybe Sean Cody was afraid of the legal reprocussions that would happen if you sanded down your shaft to Brandon getting rammed like a flesh light! Taking the road less interesting, Brandon takes cock it in the same position throughout the video - on his back like a listless upturned roly poly - and the penetration only lasts a little under 7 minutes. Tanner obviously doesn't know when he has struck asshole gold, because he slides in and out like he's a doctor doing a routine swabbing. 


WITH THAT SAID, after being eye blasted by the gorgeous Brandon on pretty much every porn site banner ad gif ever, it's hot to see that famous bubble butt at work! Sure his dick stays in the fetal position, but at some point during those sweet 6 minutes and 45 seconds his prostate had to at least acknowledge that getting grazed by Tanner's cock was a decent experience! Here's the trailer as well as some pics that might be hotter than the actual footage. 

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