Guy Swallows Huge Load from a Thick Dick

October 21, 2015 | Posted in Amateur by his_excellency

It's hard having a hot friend. Many gay guys can recount cringeworthy stories of unrequited affection for straight male friends, sometimes ending in lust-crazed advancements, and ultimately embarrassment. The intoxication of the male gaze, however, has wooed straight men in the past, giving all of us hope that a physical friendship with a guy pal could be just one boring Saturday afternoon away.     

That's certainly what Sprite discovered when Mountain Dew came knocking at his door. Located equidistant between the two bottling plants, it wasn't unusual for residents of Clarksville, TN to work at the massive factories, but it was unusual for them to name their kids after their respective workplaces. Mountain and Sprite had always bonded over their bizarre names, and the bullying they received through school was somehow less severe with a comrade, and by 5th grade their camaraderie had turned to best friendship.

All grown up and working as professors at the local college, not much has changed for the two pals. They still live in Clarksville, they are still inseparable, and Sprite is still madly in love with Mountain Dew. Mountain's unannounced afternoon visit wasn't a surprise, after all they lived in the same neighborhood, but his demeanor was shocking. He was bristly and aggressive, attuned yet miles away. After a little bit of confusing chit chat, Sprite realized that Mountain had a pronounced bulge in his shorts. "What is happening? What has gotten into Mountain?" thought Sprite. 

In turned out the better question would have been "What has gotten into Sprite?" because before Sprite had a chance to address his disorientation, Mountain's dick was exposed. All signs of friendship evaporated as Mountain silently situated Sprite on the floor and shoved his huge cock inside Sprite's mouth. The thick dick jamming against the back of his throat, his lips grazing those massive balls, Mountain's groans - Sprite was in heaven. Before he knew it, Mountain's jizz was filling his mouth. The release was so quick, so unexpected, that Sprite wasn't able to catch all of it (something that he'll always regret). After licking his tongue up and down the shaft, trying desperately to catch every bit of the protein (as if somehow it will help make the memory last), Mountain slipped his still-hard penis back inside his shorts. 

Although their friendship continued, this was the only time the boys shared sexual intimacy. As expected, the minutes after their encounter were a little awkward and the conversation was spread thin, but Sprite will never forget what Mountain said with a wink before leaving that afternoon, "Obey your thirst." 

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