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October 14, 2015 | Posted in Amateur by luke-preston

Sorry, not the best quality video in the world ever but a nice, natural, homemade clip of two lovers fucking. I just wanted to bring a little bit of normality back to the proceedings. If, that is, bare-backing your boyfriend with your long cock is normality. And let’s hope it is.  

I love some of the comments with this clip: “Amateur videos with those wannabe pornstars. They're better and hotter than commercial porn.” Yup, I think I agree with that on most occasions. What’s really good about amateur clips is that they tend to be more natural than commercial scenes where the guys are paid to act horny. You do occasionally find a really good porn actor who can fake being totally into another guy, but when you’ve got two genuine guys in a relationship and they make a video like this one… well, it’s all so much more real and natural, and better to see.  

Other comments here include: “That was so nice watching two young guys making love!” which is exactly what is happening and as it’s so natural you start to feel like a voyeur in their room with them. Another comments was a bit more to the point, “slim Boys like those...intensive.” Yeah, for sure, bud.  

So, for some natural, intensive, long, bareback, amateur, time with two cute looking guys in a real homemade and not commercial porn videos, here’s today's link to lushness for you.    

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