Top 10 Guys With iPhones Ranked: Week Of 10.5.2015

October 9, 2015 | Posted in Amateur by his_excellency

WARNING: This week's lineup of coke can dicks will stretch, you, out. 

It's another pre cum-inducing week over at Guys With iPhones. I'm going to toss it up season erect-ive disorder that these sexhibitionists are stepping up their game in a such major way. There are possibly even more dick and face pics this week than last, and it's just nifty.

For today's roundup we have a couple of porn star dicks, and even though the Guys With iPhones community is split in half over the inclusion of professional peens, I say nom. We also have the welcomed return of I Love You Dick (!!!) and a trio of studs in the number one spot that will have your hand buried in your slot something less gross. And away we grow! 

10) Rare Breed Dick

It's the endangered thick and toned, delicately hairy body. Quick hun take a pic! 


9) Get Pumped Dick

Let's work on those squats.


8) Where R Ü Now Dick

No really - I see a fridge, some lockers, and a toothbrush holder. 


7) Lovely Dick

It doesn't get much lovelier. 


6) Ruined For Other Men Dick

Thanks a bunch. 


5) G.I. Blow Dick

I'll drop and give you plenty. 



4) I Love You Dick

And I still don't know your name. 



3) Valentino Medici Dick

What a pro.


2) Leo Alexander Dick

I can't. 


1) Straight Guys Will Be The Death Of Me Dick



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