Gay Singer Troye Sivan Releases Steamy New Video

October 1, 2015 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


So, apparently people born in 1995 are 20. Cool, cool. Am I... the Crypt Keeper? Do I laugh manically before the beginning of a 90's television series? Anyway, this is Troye Sivan. Troye is a 20-year-old Australian singer, and he recently released a video coinciding with his upcoming tour dates. The star came out on his YouTube channel in 2013, and although he looks more Baby Gap, he's actually going into the fitting room all by himself at the big boy store. Youth and sunshine have officially left my body, because the fact that this guy is staring in a video about forbidden love and unbridled lust is just too much.

In addition to the most confusing product placement in the history of the game (an HP laptop / tablet-y thing is used to give us a glimpse of a sad-as-hell looking funeral scene from an upcoming music video), the vid gives us some guy-on-guy grinding. The HP device is in a funky color, so you know they get the youth. 

Here's Troye's video: FOOLS (Blue Neighbourhood Part 2/3)


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