"If You Want That Raise, You Take This Dick"

September 21, 2015 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Sean Duran wanted a raise at work, but Osiris Blade wanted to give him HIS raise.

At a new job, you have to prove yourself, and live up to the reason why you were hired in the first place. No slacking off, and produce results in a short amount of time - if you don't, you may be fired. No playing around on the first few days of a new job! It's one of Sean Duran's first days at his new job, and he wants to make a good impression on everyone at the company, especially his new boss Osiris Blade.

As Sean is sitting in Osiris' office, taking notes of certain procedures that he must follow, Osiris stops him, and offers him a proposition:
If Sean takes Osiris' D, and takes it well, Sean will get a raise.

Not bad after a few weeks at work - and for only a few MINUTES of work!

Only thing is, Sean isn't sure he can take Osiris cock. Osiris pulls it out of his pants, and even though it's only half hard, Sean's jaw drops. Fully hard, Osiris' cock is like 10-11 inches long. Taking it is no easy task. But Sean opens his muscular ass, exposes his hole and takes it as best he can. But first, he takes it in his mouth, getting it fully hard. After Osiris is hard, he bends Sean over the office desk, and pounds him, making him take the cash and prizes to earn his new money. Ignore Sean's backne!

Pretty soon, he'll be the official office slut, like Joseph Rough was the official slut of his high school baseball team.

So how do YOU make a great impression on everyone when you start a new job? Do you bring donuts? Do you fuck them? Become the official office slut? Some other way?

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