Jarec Wentworth's Next Project: Six To Nine Years In Prison

July 13, 2015 | Posted in gay by vincent-thrice


Welp, it looks as if the next stop for Jarec Wentworth, Failed Extortionist will be the big house. It took less than three hours for a jury—though likely not one of his peers—to find the pornstar guilty on all six felony counts in his seriously undercooked plan to extort money from a Republican businessman who was basically using him as a front for a prostitution ring. 

According to XBIZ (link below), the 25-year old former Men.com and Sean Cody model is now staring down the barrel of six to nine years in prison, thanks to a ton of incriminating text messages.

The prosecution's case was largely built on the numerous text messages found on mobile phones of Wentworth and Burns, as well as testimony from a law enforcement agent about the extraction of evidence from Wentworth’s phone, telephone audio recordings and bank records.

I am not about to defend Wentworth's actions here, but there are two things to bear in mind involving this case. First, and again this is in no way, shape, or form an attempt to make an excuse for what he did, but he's 25 years old. Think about, just for a moment, the stupid shit you did when you were 25. You probably thought you were invincible, but of course you weren't.

Second, and this is the much more nefarious part of all this, is the fact that he was being used by closeted businessman Donald Burns, who spent serious time and money investing in Wentworth and convincing him to pimp out his friends. Seriously, get a load of this nugget...

During opening statements on Tuesday, a federal prosecutor said that Burns had a "taste for young men.” The prosecutor told jurors that Burns flew out performers to and from the sexual trysts and offered referral fees to Wentworth, a former Men.com and Sean Cody performer.  

So yes, Burns was the victim in this particular case, but too often, the circumstances that led to someone committing a crime are also criminal acts in and of themselves.

In testimony this week, Burns admitted to giving Wentworth money to have sex with him at least four times. He also said he gave him $1,500 to $2,500 every time the gay porn actor introduced him to other male models and performers.

"It was partly a coping mechanism from the loss of my long-term relationship," Burns said in court when asked why he had paid Wentworth to hook him up.

Burns met Wentworth in 2013 when he considered investing in the gay porn industry, but two years later Burns told the FBI that he was the victim of a shakedown after Wentworth allegedly threatened to go public about his sexual interests on Twitter.

See, this is the thing that I love about Burns' side of this case. We met in 2013, I then decided not to invest in the porn industry, and the next thing you know, the guy is blackmailing me.

Again, I'm not excusing what Wentworth did, I just feel like the level of hypocrisy on Burns' part is astronomical, and because of who he is, he'll never face charges for any of it. Wentworth's sentencing is set for September 21, and of course, we'll keep you up to date with the latest developments on this case.


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