35 Years Later, Christopher Atkins' Ass Still Raises Eyebrows

July 7, 2015 | Posted in Celebrity by vincent-thrice


There's no denying that the late 70s and early 80s was a great time to be a curly headed blonde hunk. From William Katt and Peter Frampton to Willie Aames and, of course, everyone's favorite Blue Lagoon star Christopher Atkins, it was a more innocent time when these men were getting marooned with sexy starlets every time you turned around.

People recently profiled Atkins on the occasion of The Blue Lagoon's 35th Anniversary, and they even included that picture up there of Christopher reliving old glories.

To mark the anniversary of his splashy debut, Atkins traveled back to Fiji, where it was filmed and shared memories of his return as well as some photos he took with People magazine.

“Of course we were going to enjoy the beach the way it was meant to be, without any clothes on,” he said about our favorite photo from the article below.

So here’s to you 35 years later, Chris Atkins. Still looking good, buddy.

Below you'll find a gallery of pics including Chris' Playgirl shoot, as well as his nude appearances in Blue Lagoon and A Night in Heaven, along with some recent pics of him too. One pic I would love to call your attention to is this one...


That's right, it's Chris at the 2014 80s Hunk Hall of Fame board meeting alongside VP C. Thomas Howell, Treasurer Ralph Macchio, and Social Chair Lorenzo Lamas. In fact, this recent gathering of 80s hunks certainly puts those 90s hunks like Joey Lawrence and his creepy plastic face to shame.

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