"It Was Interesting, But Fun."


I don't always like pre-sex interviews, but I generally find the Broke Straight Boys ones interesting and funny. Colt Dixon is a new guy hitting the sheets in his first oral scene. He's a beefy dude who says that he's 100% straight. When the producer suggests that the guys starts off with some kissing, Colt shakes his head and says he wasn't ready for that. He knew he was doing an oral scene with Tyler White, but he seems to have been thinking that Tyler would be doing all the sucking.

So they talk it out and Colt says that he just can't kiss a guy, it's more passionate. I don't know about you, but I'd happily kiss a woman before I put my tongue between her legs. But wait, there's more. Colt lies back on the bed and Tyler unbuckles his belt and goes down on him. Colt can't take his eyes off Tyler sucking his dick. Hmmm. Eventually Tyler stands on the bed and tells Colt that it's his turn. Colt does mostly just-the-tip sucking, then he surprises Tyler and licks his nuts. "Whoa! What are you doing?" Tyler practically yells. Colt tells him he's just doing what his girlfriend does to him. Okay, so you can lick a guy's sweaty balls, but you can kiss him?

Tyler suggest they do some 69 sucking and Colt offers something different. He leans against the wall and Tyler handstands into Colt's arms, the hunk picks Tyler up and they blow each other. Colt sucks Tyler's cock and his face is mere inches away from the boy's ass crack, but again, kissing would be weird. The guys suck each other in a traditional 69 with Colt on the bottom. And after jacking off onto his belly, Colt sucks Tyler's nuts again while he blows on Colt's chest and neck. And Colt's reaction to all of this? "It was interesting, but fun." Colt is an incredible sexy guy, so I'm looking forward to seeing what other interesting things he gets up to in the weeks ahead.


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