Pen Pals’ Polaroid Is Now Instant Gratification

March 24, 2015 | Posted in Amateur by luke-preston


Foot fetish? Why not, thank you, I’ll have one. I once had a pen-pal correspondence (remember those days?) with a guy who was into penis outlines. He would insist on sending me a letter per week showing me an outline of his dick. He’d drawn around it with a pen on a piece of paper. That was it. I have no idea why he did this every week, I mean, the thing never changed. Anyway, he also had a foot fetish and in the days before digital cameras a Polaroid was the safest way of sending photos of his feet, which arrived about every two weeks, even after I stopped writing to him.  

How much easier is it now, when, if you fancy seeing someone cum on their feet, you can simply go to XTube or similar and find a clip like this one: Cum On Feet. How perfectly simple. You click over to it and start it running and watch this guy jerking off to the point, about 2.40 minutes in, where his cum dribbles out and onto his feet. He’s a nicely smooth and skinny guy too, with a big cock, so there are other reasons to go and view it. He's Skyrider 27, and he's got some horny photos of his nicely shaved, slim body and long cock to share, as well as some more videos. Now he's a guy I’d keep it up with – a pen-pal relationship I mean.    

Watch: Cumming on feet

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