Colby Keller Strips Away The Artifice For New Photoshoot


After his supremely strange and avant garde New York photoshoot last week, it's nice to see Colby Keller get back to naked basics. Colby posed for Wadley Photography in Los Angeles in absolutely nothing. Well, I guess he technically has a Sesame Street rug in a few of the pics, but at most it's next to nothing. 

If nothing else, this is proof positive that Colby just doesn't take bad photographs. I know I'm an unapologetic fan, but come on, these are some great photos. So whether you like Colby in nothing at all or decked out in neon, he's spending the month of March giving us a little of everything.

Tumblr nkv7quxpoy1qfral5o3 r2 1280 12 View Photos

Via Summer Diary Project

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