Saturday’s Fine But Any Day Is Fine For This Kind Of Thing

March 13, 2015 | Posted in Amateur by luke-preston



We all like something for free, and that’s one of the reasons we particularly like free Tube sites and their content. I mean, when someone like Traxcock12 puts up a homemade hardcore movie (complete with a ‘starring’ intro and credits) that runs for 28 minutes and is good quality, you kind of think, ‘Who needs membership sites?’  

‘Saturday is time for homemade anal gay video’, is the title and I am sure none of us would disagree with the sentiment. Any day is the right day for gay anal videos, especially ones that are free. This one starts us off in what looks like the bedroom with a good length of good length going in and out of a cute bottom guy. We get close-ups and some POV moments as well as the longer shot. It’s all good natural sound and it looks fine. Later it moves to another part of the room where bottom boy gets is ass drilled another good long time, this time over the table—these guys are nicely versatile.  

The whole kit and caboodle finishes off with a long suck-fest, a kind of reversal of your usual hardcore porn flick where the suck comes before the fuck which comes before the cum. Here the cum shot is distant but you can clearly see it all and so you end up with 28 minutes of free, amateur hardcore and you can’t get much better than that any day of the week.  

Watch: Saturday is time for homemade anal gay video.

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