Robbie Williams Celebrates His 41st Birthday in the Nude


Brit babe Robbie Williams recently celebrated his 41st birthday, a near milestone for successful musicians that often get zapped by the trappings of pop stardom, so congratulations to Robbie. Anyway, like any handsome pop icon, Robbie decided that the best way to celebrate his big day was to strip down to his birthday suit, snap a photo, and post it to his Twitter account. Hurray for us.  

Though we didn’t get a look at his good parts, we did get a good look at everything else, including a hint of pubes. Looks like he’s been slacking on his manscaping? No big deal. I like my man with a little fur in the right places. Attached to his skin-filled photo Robbie attached the question, “Do you think my bell-end can #BreakTheInternet on my birthday?” The answer was an obvious ‘no’, but don’t think we didn’t appreciate Robbie’s effort to take down the thing most of us hold so dearly.  

Happy belated birthday, big boy!  

Via: MTV UK 

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