How To Avoid The Wet Patch Syndrome

February 5, 2015 | Posted in Amateur by luke-preston


As long as you get enough lube inside of it, jerking off into a condom gives you something of an extra thrill. It makes a change, let’s face it, and for all cum-drinkers, it makes a handy receptacle. Ever tried it? Just pop out and get yourself a pack of three or more and have a go. Most (all?) condoms are lubricated of course, so you don’t need to go wild with your “wet-‘n’-willing”, but make sure there’s enough lube so it doesn’t dry out while you slowly play around, bringing yourself ever closer to that part where your eyes roll back.  

The smell of condoms is also a bit of a turn on, that rubber scent, and the feel of them around your dick... The rubber act as a barrier, so the sensation of your own fist around your own shaft is lessened. This makes the build-up last longer and that, as we all know, makes the cum-shoot at the end all the more satisfying.  

Our man here, ‘AVNMBOYS’ gives us loads of close-ups of his cock as he films himself jerking off. He gets the camera in really close, a bit too close at times, so we look down, and we get a big cock jerk off from his POV. And then, there’s the finale with the cum shot inside the condom, which he fills quite nicely. When cumming in a condom there is also, of course, the added benefit of not having made anything around you sticky or wet, so you can roll over and go to sleep without the ‘wet patch syndrome.’    

Watch: Jerk off and Cum in Condom - Repost

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