Is That Danny Bonaduce Bottoming For Tim Kruger? Maybe It's Scott Grimes.

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Leander is an animated bottom who makes lots of deliciously fun fuck faces while Tim Tales Tim Kruger is pounding his ass. Not to mention, Leander looks like both The Partridge Family's Danny Bonaduce or ER's Scott Grimes, depending on the camera angle. Either way, this redhead enjoys a huge cock pumping his ass.

If you like gingers, Leander has it all – bright copper hair and beard, pale skin, freckles and moles, and fiery orange pubes. And his bleached-white ass couldn't look any sexier than when it's arched in the air while Kruger plugs it. And Leander never begs Kruger to stop or ease up, he just takes those 10 inches however the top wants to give them.

When Kruger first pulls his stiffening dick out of his shorts, Leander furrows his brow in surprise. And even though he's very likely seen Kruger's dick before then, there's nothing like seeing it up close for the first time. Down on all fours, Leander's forehead creases and he grimaces as Kruger enters him for the first time. Later, on his back, he pants hard while Kruger drills him. The ginger is clearly struggling, but Kruger keeps thrusting until Leander's ass finally gives in and that look of complete satisfaction beams across his face.

Watch Tim Kruger Fucking Leander at Tim Tales


Watch Tim Kruger Fucking Leander at Tim Tales

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