A Santa Gag And A Load Of Balls

December 24, 2014 | Posted in Amateur by luke-preston


Now this is what I’m talking about: Christmas balls! Here’s an offering, a little free gift for you, to wish you a Happy Christmas (if you celebrate it) or Happy Holidays (if you don't). To bring a little cheer and giggle I found this post from Otter, it’s called ‘Deck the halls with balls’ and it’s a compilation of testicle pics from around the net. That’s it, quite simply, ball-pics, sack-shots if you like and yes, there's a gag about Santa there somewhere. But first:  

How many varieties of Xmas balls could there be? Well, the first few seconds give us long and dangly and then a pair stretched so long in a ball-brace, or whatever it’s called, that it makes your eyes water. Uneven balls, those that are way bigger than the penis above, saggy balls, full ones and very heavy, seen from behind scraping the ground, massive, wrinkly, hairy, strapped up, undergoing CBT, black balls, pendulous, Photoshopped, with hardon above, attached to cute man, and attached to hairy daddy. You have a whole lot of decorated ball pics here and it’s a great Christmas Card from this particular XTube user.  

Talk about Jingle Balls, if you’re into long and dangly nuts then this is going to be a crowd pleaser. Enjoy and thank you for reading my little posts over the last few months, and here’s wishing you a great season. Let’s hope you’re not as grumpy as Santa. And why is Santa grumpy? Because he only comes one a year and that's down the chimney! (I may not be funny but at least I’m quick.) Happy holidays!  

Watch: Deck the halls with balls

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