James Franco & Seth Rogen Respond To Sony Hack With Compromising Photos

December 9, 2014 | Posted in Celebrity by vincent-thrice

James Franco had quite the weekend, from hosting SNL to appearing on Naked & Afraid with his hetero-lifemate Seth Rogen. Rogen even stopped by SNL to help Franco with his monologue and poke fun at the epic hacker attack at Sony that exposed their salaries along with a number of other sensitive things. 
The amusement you derive from their antics depends upon where you stand on these two in general, but I'm kind of over them. I agree that this is cute, but that's about it. I do appreciate how flagrantly homoerotic many of their escapades are, but I also question how much of it is them poking fun at homophobia and how much is them crossing over into just poking fun at gays in general. What do you guys think?
Video via NBC

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