Nothing Short In These Shorts

December 5, 2014 | Posted in Amateur by luke-preston

Oh my! Well, I wasn't expecting that, not all of it at least. I have no idea if this guy is straight for gay or bi or what, but I thought I was going to be watching a short clip on the Lycra theme, you know, a kind of shorts and underwear related one. It starts off with this guy showing off his new cycling shorts and he's a guy who looks like he actually does cycle a few miles a day. He's got a nice, hairy and reasonably fit body and a nice new pair of… Hang on, what’s that in there? That can't be real?  

I was searching and used the search term ‘big ears’ because I wanted to see what would come up (on XHamster) if I did. I like guys with cute, sticky out ears you see. But what I found was this clip telling me this guy needed bigger shorts. Well, I had to take a look, and I did, and there he was with his shorts and then:  

‘Let’s release some pressure ,’ he says, and whips out this huge, enormous, incredibly big, whopping great, massive, biggest you've seen, eye-watering cock which he then plays with for several minutes. Incredible. He gets so worked up that he fires it off and all I can say is, lucky he's got a wooden floor. But I do have to wonder how comfortable cycling is with that between his legs. Oh my!    

Watch: he really needed big baggy shorts

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