All This Sex In One Minute Fifty-Seven

December 8, 2014 | Posted in Amateur by luke-preston

I don't know why but there was something very horny about this little clip. It's not got a lot going for it when you first think about it: it’s short and it’s portrait style so the image is very narrow. But there’s something passionate about the Asian guy who is sucking like mad on the other guy’s cock that really got me. The other guy, the ‘ginger bear’ of the title is pretty hot too, muscly and fit, not too huge and with a neat beard and red hair, which some people find a turn on (me included).  

So, there’s passion and there’s also the blowing which is nicely shown and the way the Asian guy sucks the ginger balls and really works the cock, the way the camera is placed close and then afar so we can actually see faces. Yes! How often do we find great little clips but don’t see any faces? Faces make these clips all the more horny.  

Anyway, so, I was loving this little clip and watching with interest, I really liked the part where they started kissing and the red-guy’s hard cock was up against the Asian guy’s smooth stomach. And I am just wondering what was going to happen next when they broke apart and the Asian guy (you can see this in the mirror) goes and leans on a table or something and you can see he’s getting ready to be fucked when…  

End of tape one. Log in to find tape two...

Watch: Asian Sucks Sexy Ass Ginger Bear

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