Worldwide Boys: Dutch Chap In Chaps

November 18, 2014 | Posted in Amateur by luke-preston

You know how I like to take you around the world, and how we’re on a hunt for the hottest guys from various countries? Well, here we’ve got a hot guy from Holland. Dutch Leatherstud must be hot, what with all the rubber he’s wearing, and that mask; he even has a fan ready to go in the background. I've not had a Dutch guy but I've seen plenty on sites and heard about them. Apparently they are known for their big dicks, which are usually uncut too. And, if that is the case, then this guy here certainly proves the case. He’s got a very impressive slice of meat showing out of his leather (or rubber) chaps.  

And that's basically all this clip is, but it’s here to show you that I'm not just about twinks, we like to see older guys, and bigger guys, and leather guys, and this chap in his chaps here is all of that. He gives us a short little stroking session, but enough to fuel our fantasies and stock up some images for later, and he even gives us some subtitles, like messages, as he plays with his impressive dick. He's wearing gloves too, another nice addition to his fetish wear. And, if you click to his profile, you can see he has some other hot leather fetish videos to share. Nice.    

Watch: Dutch Leatherstud

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