Is Nick Jonas' Nude Debut Right Around The Corner?

November 6, 2014 | Posted in Celebrity by vincent-thrice

Nick Jonas did his first on-screen sex scene on the latest episode of the MMA series Kingdom which airs on something called the Audience Network. Though he has yet to do his first nude scene, all of his shirtless modeling leads me to believe we may only be within a few weeks of his official nude debut.

I don't have any insider info, I promise, but his gay positive behavior of late leads me to believe that he knows what his fans want and what they want is that ass! Nick also stopped by Now Magazine headquarters to give some tips on perfecting the crotch grab...

Yeah, I know, pretty self explanatory, but you know, Nick Jonas crotch, Nick Jonas ass, these phrases are going to drive our traffic on Google through the roof! 

Via Now Magazine on YouTube

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