TWC News Austin Tweets out Photos of Some Hot Dudes Baring Their Big Old Boners

October 10, 2014 | Posted in gay by humbert-incandenza


The Twitter account for the TWC News Austin recently gave some of its 32,000 followers a real thrill while probably giving a large percentage of them a real fit when @TWCNewsAustin gave them something they certainly weren’t expecting.  

While most follow @TWCNewsAustin for traffic updates in an attempt to make their commutes less stressful and hairy, according to Dead Spin (link below), the rush-hour commuters got a real surprise at the 5:12 p.m. update. Instead of getting news of stalled vehicles, fender-benders, or overturned tractor trailers, those that checked the station’s Twitter account got an eyeful of hunky guys flaunting their big ol’ boners. While I’m sure these dick-pics caused their own kind of special jam for some, I'm sure there were a lot of uptight turds that were unhappy with the cock-filled photos.  

Of course, the Austin-based news station quickly went on damage control, removing the offending photographs and issuing an apology that, of course, included the word “sincerely”, which usually is a tell-tale sign of actually not being sincere. They also said they were “investigating what happened.” While they investigate the culprit(s) behind cock-gate tweet, I’m busy investigating the size of these dudes’ rods.  

Via: Dead Spin

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