Nylon Jockey Cums In A Length Ahead Past The Finish Post

September 16, 2014 | Posted in Amateur by luke-preston


It's not so much the clip that got me interested here, as it is, all said and done, simply a guy jerking off and cumming (which is a good enough reason to go and take a look and get a taste for it), it was more to do with the start of the clip, and the title. ‘Nylon Jockey Jerk Off. Okay, so my satirical mind went straight to an image of a horse rider made of nylon, perhaps stuffed and mounted on a horse and flopping about as it raced along. But then the sex addict in me flashed (excuse the word) to the thought of nylon underwear pressing against a hardon, and the slight burning feel of material against an exposed cock head, and the thought of nylon rubbing against the underside of a cock and how sexually powerful that is.  

So I raced over to look at the clip and got it running and sure enough there’s the sight of a hard cock in nearly transparent nylon jockey shorts and it’s pressing against the material. Ever got hard in some close fitting material? Some nylon underwear even better. There’s something very sexy about this particular fetish and there’s no better way to start off a wank session that getting hard in your underwear. That’s what this guy does and, after a few minutes of teasing us with that, he then gets his cock out and finishes the job. He comes in a length ahead past the finishing post, you might say.  

Watch: Nylon Jockey Jerk Off

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