A Show Of Hands For Shower Jerkers Please

September 15, 2014 | Posted in Amateur by luke-preston

I’m not going to ask you if you have ever peed in the shower because I know just about every guy has. Similarly I am not going to ask if you have ever jerked off in the shower because we all know that every guy has, surely? Where was your first time? In bed? In your bedroom? I bet it was most likely in the bathroom. That’s because it’s a safe room, usually, with a lock on the door, and it gives you a good reason not to be disturbed.  

Well, the addiction for jerking off in the bathroom can be said to come from our early experiences of where we used to masturbate. In bed is a similarly safe place, after dark, assuming you didn’t share a room, or you were not at boarding school, in which case maybe everyone was at it, but that’s’ another story. So, in the bathroom, in the shower perhaps? With the water splashing down so no one hears you, with the soap there ready to get you lubed up so you can run your hands around your cock and feel them all slippery and hot, like someone else’s hands…  

So, you get the picture or where this clip is taking us? But this clip is not about a guy’s first time. It’s an older man who’s jacking one off with a soaped-up cock and balls and who is heading for a cum shot at the end of his quick four minute clip. It's a nice one and will take you back to the early days in your masturbation memories.  

Watch: Shower-time

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