Two Guys Hammer On Each Other, By Sneeze

September 25, 2014 | Posted in Amateur by luke-preston

I was attracted to this clip by its subtitle, ‘Two old fucks hammer on each other.’ I thought that was rather down to earth! And then I noticed the guy who had posted it was called Sneeze, which also made me smile for no apparent reason. It’s just a couple, at home, one older one younger, recording themselves having sex, and there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s not a lot better than watching two guys making their own amateur hardcore tapes, and that’s what these two did, Mr Sneeze and his mate.  

They are a couple of South American men, by the looks of it, and the older one knows how to give his younger lover a good long blow job. It also looks like they were recording this live online, as there’s some action around the camera. They do also teach us a little lesson in home video making. When you are getting into your lover and really getting off for the cameras, make sure you keep an eye on where the camera is. One thing that makes something erotic is not actually seeing what there is to be seen, for example: the sight of Tom Daley in his tight fitting swimming trunks is more erotic than seeing Tom Daley naked (though I wouldn't say no). But seeing a guy’s head but not seeing what he is doing off-camera, well, that’s pushing it a bit. But still, you can still see enough to see the fun these two guys are having.  

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