Trenton Ducati Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge in the Nude

August 27, 2014 | Posted in gay by humbert-incandenza

Trenton Ducati has joined the growing number of individuals dousing themselves with a bucket of ice water in the name of charity. Thankfully Trenton cut out the fat and got completely nude. What a champ!  

The tattooed hottie might’ve cheated a little bit. It looks like he took the ice pan challenge instead of the bucket challenge. But I’m not complaining. Who cares if he raised any awareness for ALS, because he certainly got a rise out me. In all honesty, the ice was probably less painful than the hard pull Trenton gives his dick before the dunking, trying to get every inch out of his cock. I’ve seen your movies, Trenton, you’re packing enough heat that you don’t have to stretch it out like it’s taffy.

Via: QueerMeNow

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