Five Men Who Literally Got Fucked On Their Wedding Day


There are countless gay pornstars who have been fucked "the night before their wedding" and some even on the actual day of wedding, if we're to believe the numerous scenes that present the "experimental groom" scenario. Men in gay porn have been trading in their brides for young cumsluts for as long as gay porn has existed — but what makes the whole fantasy so enticing?

Is it the notion that married men absolutely cannot have sex with other men once they are married, as opposed to when they are just dating? Is it the implication of a "cheating" scandal that makes straight dudes hard? Is it daddy issues?

Check out five of our favorite wedding day scandals below:

Rocco Reed

Don't forget that Rocco Reed, the straight industry performer who tried to engage in sexual intercourse with men multiple times during his flop of a tenure as a exclusive, made his big debut in one of these corny pre-wedding scenes. Back in October 2012, we were to assume that this friendly flaccid encounter between he and Landon Conrad was happening moments before his wedding — they even show his bride and her friend in the beginning! adopted the usual "best man fucks the groom" storyline for this one, and appropriately required Rocco to wear his black bow tie throughout. Unfortunately, the scene ended before these dudes rushed to the altar, but we hope they were at least able to comb the jizz out of Rocco's hair before he said "I do."

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Markie More

Next Door Studios presents a dramatic sexual dilemma in their latest "Wedding Jitters" series, an emotional tale about Markie More, a groom who is torn between loving his fiancee "Jen" and loving dick up his ass. He confesses his secret desires to his best men moments before his wedding, and without second thought, Cole Christiansen and Steven B bend him over a leather chaise lounge and fuck the living hell out of him.

This is allegedly "a real scenario submitted by a member of Next Door Buddies," and is so intense that it includes additional scenes where the groom tries bareback sex for the first time, and has wedding cake licked off his dick before shoving it raw in someone else the next day. I'm not one to fuss in someone else's love life, but someone really needs to alert Jen.

· Watch Markie More's epic wedding saga unfold at Next Door Buddies (

Hugo Martin

Gay porn superstar and thick-cocked prodigy Hugo Martin pretended to be married to a woman named "Monica," and thus began "the biggest wedding scandal of the year" as Hugo traded in his bride for several members of the wedding party who were desperate to get fucked.

Unlike other similar plots, this wedding day disaster doesn't assume that the groom has "never been fucked before." He's actually a wildly promiscuous gay slut who had sex with Jay Roberts a few weeks before his wedding — he's thrust back into old memories when Jay, his "tailor," visits his room to help him get dressed.

The whole saga was supposed to answer the question "Can Hugo be a married man?," a question I assume can only be answered with "no," because the series fizzled out and kind of dropped off the radar after the third episode.

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The Jarics

I've always said if you're going to assemble a wedding party for the purpose of having sex moments before exchanging vows, it's irresponsible not to include someone as beautiful and well-equipped as Austin Wilde. I mean, we're talking guaranteed fucking here!

Austin, a youngin still going by "Wylde" with a "Y," appeared in Falcon's 2008 wedding-themed DVD "Best Men" alongside Zeb Atlas and the late Erik Rhodes. This film was less about the groom fucking around behind his bride's back and more about Aden and Jordan Jaric, the married gay porn stars who were tasked with planning the event and wound up sucking cock on the clock the whole time.

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Christian Wilde

Naked Sword's "In the Mix" didn't actually feature a wedding, but the sentiment was alive and well. This series follows newly engaged gay porn stars Christian Wilde and Felix Warner on a weekend retreat with friends to "test the boundaries" between friends and lovers.

The invite a rotating cast of horny friends including Angel Rock, Connor Maguire and Blue Bailey, who ultimately turn the trip into the kind of thing that ends with four people shooting loads across one eager-eyed bottom's face.

· Watch Christian Wilde fuck Felix Warner in Naked Sword's "In the Mix" (

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