Who'd You Rather: Austin Wilde In 2012, 2013, Or 2014?

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The legendary Austin Wilde releases his second bareback fuck scene with newcomer Tyler King today — the first time they fucked in June, it was Austin's first time exclusively bottoming on Guys In Sweatpants and one of his first few no-condom scenes since making his bareback debut in March.

This man has come an awful long way since breaking into the porn industry in the mid-'00s. His rugged charm and impossible physique have placed him on a pedestal above his fellow performers through one mass firing and a firestorm of controversy surrounding "the bareback debate," and as the current owner of his very own site, he continues to remain a relevant and important voice among performers and studio owners alike.

His physical look hasn't changed much in the last three years, but his professional career has experienced some major peaks and lesser-peaks (LOL, I wouldn't exactly say he's experienced a "fall" yet). Judging strictly on his personal life, when was your ideal year to date/fuck/fantasize about Austin Wilde?

2012 Austin

I would assume we're all in agreement that Austin Wilde's career didn't reach its peak until after he was fired from Next Door Studios in June 2012, though it's debatable where his peak occurred exactly after that. If you ask me, I think Austin peaked right around the time he was transitioning between the Austony series with Cockyboys and launching his own site, Guys In Sweatpants.


It's weird to hear myself say this now, since I was such a vocal opponent of everything to do with Austin Wilde and Anthony Romero while the "Austony" scenes were being released. I felt like it was a weird initial attempt Cockyboys made to venture into the "docu-porn" business that unfairly pegged the whole "monogamish" concept as something that was shocking and edgy. Most of all, I was frustrated that neither Austin or Anthony were able to really explain what they meant by "being monogamish," which I guess is probably why they broke up shortly after.

2012 Austin was dominant, in charge, and still slightly elusive while fresh out of his NDS contract. It wasn't until he started pushing Guys In Sweatpants in the following year that he opened up his life and got more up-close-and-personal with fans online.

2013 Austin

Last year was a good year for Austin. Not only did he manage to build, populate, launch, and manage his very own gay porn pay site, but he did it flawlessly and continues to keep it running to this day, which is more than I can say for most sites owned and operated by pornstars.


Austin developed his porn persona into a full-fledged personality throughout last year, introducing some hot young MVPs exclusively through his own site and inviting some industry heavy-hitters to get fucked in front of his cameras. His hard work earned him several gay porn award nominations and, if you ask me, he stayed humble through the entire ride.

Austin did a lot of great things (and people) in 2013, but if we're strictly going by numbers here, his scene with then-ex boyfriend Anthony Romero destroyed all competition by a landslide. 2013 Austin was sexy as hell, confident, and on top of his game.

2014 Austin

We've made it halfway through 2014 and it's safe to say Austin will be known for one thing above all else this year: His debut bareback scene.


Austin was a casual proponent of having sex with condoms for the longest time, explaining once that he enjoyed working with Next Door Studios because condoms were mandatory and he felt safe under strict testing procedures. This year, he teased his first bareback topping scene without warning and to much fanfare — since then, he's appeared in four of his own bareback scenes and filmed a whopping 11.

Personally, I think Austin has hit a plateau and needs to spice up this routine with a foreign exchange program. Convince George Duroy to release the Bel Ami models into your custody to film bareback scenes in San Diego, and then we'll talk about singing your praises again, Austin. You have six months left.

I would have dated 2013 Austin. What's your take?

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