The Five Most Breathtaking Adam Archuleta Penetration Shots

June 20, 2014 | Posted in gay by bradford-matthews


For the first time since December 2012, I am allowing all Fleshbot readers to enjoy some alone time with my rosy-cheeked Fleshbot Boyfriend Adam Archuleta.

This blue-eyed stud with a ginormous cock has been referred to in the past as a Taylor Lautner lookalike, even though his name and baby face are very obviously a hat tip to David Archuleta, the 16-year-old American Idol contestant that wooed the world by competing on the show's seventh season in 2008. I assume Adam's dick is much larger than David's simply because Adam's is one of Bel Ami's largest in general, which is a lot to say considering Bel Ami has the largest cocks in the industry (ahem Jack Harrer and Trevor Yates).

George Duroy once revealed that he wasn't sure if Adam was capable of becoming a top-notch pornstar. "His first casting was a disaster," he said. "For a year, there was no improvement."

Good thing Bel Ami stuck with him, because I'd consider him one of my top favorites. I love Adam Archuleta so much that when Kevin Warhol himself asked me who my favorite Bel Ami boy was last April, I told him it was Adam. I have no shame.

And because I think y'all deserve a little time with my man once every couple years, feel free to ogle at five of his most breathtaking penetration shots below:


Behold, the sight of Adam Archuleta's big fat cock sliding into Roger Lambert for a raw DP with Andre Boleyn. What a way to initiate the newest Kinky Angel. (gifs via doublefucker)

· Watch Adam Archuleta and Andre Boleyn double-fuck Roger Lambert at Bel Ami (


American twink Chase Austin has grown on me since I originally railed him after his debut, which makes the sight of Adam's cock sliding in his tight, hairy hole much less painful than it was when this scene was released. Adam sports a condom for this scene, leading me to wonder where one buys elephant-sized condoms. (gifs via fagsmut)

· Watch Adam Archuleta fuck Chase Austin at Bel Ami (

Phillipe Gaudin's asshole is a bottomless pit designed to engulf cock with ease. His pairing with Adam was something we waited far too long to see, but when it happened, it was an event worthy of national holiday status. The clip above was included in Bel Ami's major Fall 2013 release An American In Prague.

· Watch Adam Archuleta fuck Phillipe Gaudin at Bel Ami (


Don't forget that Adam isn't a strict top like my second string Fleshbot Boyfriend Jim Kerouac. You haven't experienced life until you've watched him jerk that fat cock while sitting on another. (gifs via fagsmut)

· Watch Adam Archuleta bottom for Vadim Farrell at Bel Ami (


Newcomer Lance Thurber got the mega-star treatment for his debut scene, during which he was fucked bareback by Bel Ami trifecta Adam Archuleta, Kevin Warhol, and Jack Harrer. The best part, of course, was this shot of Adam watching his cock plow Thurber, knowing it's hitting a spot that Kevin's can't. Ayo! (gifs via fagsmut)

· Watch Adam Archuleta, Kevin Warhol, and Jack Harrer fuck Lance Thurber at Bel Ami (

Below, Check out Adam's latest scene with newcomer Daniel Mathis:

· Watch Adam Archuleta fuck Daniel Mathis at Bel Ami (

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