You Get Good Mileage Out Of This Easy Rider

May 16, 2014 | Posted in Amateur by luke-preston


These two French guys love dressing in their leathers and then fucking each other's brains out. So far on XTube they've uploaded 134 videos. That's the most amount of posts I've seen from any user on that site, ever. So far at least. There's an older guy with grey hair and his slimmer, younger partner. One wears the traditional black leather while he gets his ass invaded and the other wears a biker's jacket in white and orange, well, he does in this clip. He looks a bit like an ad for motor oil, except that his cock is out and hard and poking through his leather pants, and his partner's mouth is the only lubrication he needs.

Hot clip, and fun too. The biker boy takes a swig of his beer while the bottom man assumes the position. Biker boy (who is not really a boy by any stretch of the imagination) busies himself with lubes and fingers and all manner of accoutrements and bangs away like a piston engine for around 20 minutes, so one thing you can say for this guy: You get good mileage out of this easy rider.

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