Rough Ride, Drilling Away

May 26, 2014 | Posted in Amateur by luke-preston


XTube user DOJAeux (must mean something to someone) has posted a clip called Rough Ride, and it should be clear why it's very popular with viewers. It's pretty static: one guy sitting on another guy's cock and bouncing up and down for three minutes or so, but still sexy to see nonetheless. I love the contrast between the white skin of bottom boy, who is on top, and the dark legs of the top guy who is underneath on the bottom, drilling away at the bottom of the bottom boy who stays on top.

I like the way they subtly shift position so that bottom top guy can really drill in hard and fast to bottom boy's white ass, and I love the sounds of flesh slapping and guys groaning. At one point it looks like our top guy is trying to climb up the wall in an attempt to get his hips higher from the bed and his cock deeper into his other half. It is one of those clips that doesn't seem to reach a natural climax, which is a shame, but they do have others; six in total. I hope this hot couple never comes up for air!

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