Give It To Me Hard Baby, Type That Keyboard!

May 20, 2014 | Posted in Amateur by luke-preston


I love watching amateur guys on the Tube sites, obviously, and never get tired of seeing straight and gay guys jerking off. That's one of the reasons I rather took a fancy to Blue2287 Moans and Cums, the rather natty title of this five minute clip where a smooth young guy moans and cums, and jerks, and taps his keyboard and occasionally grunts and makes a few other odd noises while playing with himself. Apart from the clatter of the keys it all sounds very sexy and there's a nice lot of deep breathing as he builds up to his climax. Then there's a nice amount of gasping and moaning and some more clattering of keys, just to completely kill the atmosphere.

So, apart from the typing, you get some nice erotic background sound here as this cute guy shows off for someone else cam to cam. It's all very simple and straightforward. What's not so clear though is what the title is all about. Blue2287… I wonder? I typed that into my search engine and lo and behold, I found him on Cam4, and a clip of him put up on So Gay Boy, XVideos and XNXX among other places. Apparently he is a 26 year old male from Canada and he clearly likes to show off on cam. The clip I saw came from user jkee07_1990 which in itself reads like some kind of code, and he'd got another two clips of this sweet little Canadian guy jerking off and showing his ass. A nice, simple, amateur jerk off.

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