No Comment. Well, OK Then, Lots Of Fun Comments

May 16, 2014 | Posted in Amateur by luke-preston


I don't very often get bored while watching porn, I mean, let's face it, if you don't like something, or if it is taking too long to get going, you simply fast forward through it. But this clip was different. It starts out with just two guys making out on the couch. One angle, lots of build-up, all very natural. But after a while my eyes started to stray to the comments that had been made and they entertained me more than the video.

"Very hot. Mexican guys are awesome and have the hottest feet." Well, I thought, that is probably because of the climate, and if they go around with no shoes on they are going to get hot feet aren't they?

"The Spanish guy is very hot, but why is he wearing a hat all the time? Like guys I see at the gym wearing a hat while they work out. What's that about?" What indeed, and yes he does keep his that on as he fucks his twink and, rather disturbingly, it seems to match the couch.

Other comments were more succinct. "Hot!" and "I want." (Don't we all? The bottom boy is very cute.) "I came real fucking hard at 11.30." I just wonder why on earth you checked your watch at that particular moment. And my favorite, "Wooooffff!!!!"

But the last comment I found kind of sums it up, "Mouth-watering feet and sexy fucking.' Go see for yourself and make a comment!

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