Is Hairy Scary Or Is Bushy Buena? Up To You

May 12, 2014 | Posted in Amateur by luke-preston


Hairy or shaved? What's it to be? Do you go for the full bushy on your guys or do you like something a bit shaved? There are some guys who go in for kind of pubic topiary with a little trimming, making their pubes into landing strips, and neat little geometric designs, but perhaps you prefer something a bit more natural.

I found my new best friend Summer Boy Julio wandering the amateur vaults of XTube and coming across the shower room floor. Sounds like he's at the public baths with the water running as he whips off his trunks, already nicely tenting out when the clip starts, and begins to jerk on his meat. He's only got this one clip but he does invite you to Skype him, he's a student from Malaysia and is looking for some ‘white' in that country. Could be your chance to get to know some Asian guy first hand.

And back to the matter in hand, his cock in his hand, and it's a lengthy one that dispels any myths about Asian boys being under-hung, for want of a better expression. His nuts also pack a punch and the only thing you need to decide is: is hairy scary or is bushy buena? Over to you.

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