Ring-Ridden, Hole-Hammered And Fanny Filled

May 12, 2014 | Posted in Amateur by luke-preston


What's wrong with the word ‘fucking' all of a sudden? Is it me or are XTubers going out of their way to invent new words for this oft-loved and filmed act? I know ‘Breeding' has been around for a while and is used to denote cuming in the ass, shagging raw, or bareback, as if by ejaculating in another guy's ass you could get someone pregnant. But I've never come across ‘Ass-seeding' before. Mind you, when you think about the expression it seems to make perfect sense. I just couldn't help wondering, as I watched this guy getting his inner tube filled by another man's pump, what other expressions we might come up with for ‘anal sex without a condom.' (Apart from unsafe and dangerous that is.)

Actually, to be fair, our XTuber here, DandyD, does get ring-ridden by dicks in jackets as well as boffed bareback, and he clearly likes to be hole-hammered by other guys. He's not scared of a little anal-jockeying, and he can be seen in this compilation of clips being fanny-filled by various other guys. He takes them in positions you might call Doggy-drilling, Backside-banging-bareback on the back, and Missionary man-dump, and you can well imagine him pulling into someone's house and saying, ‘she's running on empty, fill her up.' And when he gets over filled, like at the end of this clip, he lets some of the just jettisoned jizz dribble back out, just to keep all you cum-pig breeders happy.

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