Our Cum Pig Monsieur Is Back In The Woods Thirsty For More

May 8, 2014 | Posted in Amateur by luke-preston


He's back! Our cute French bear called Thierry who I last saw sucking on a cock in the woods. He was rather upstaged by the unexpected appearance of an interested passer-by in that last clip, but there are no such interruptions here. Here he's trapped a guy in the woods and he is with a Latino, or so he tells us, you only see the other guy's dick so it's hard to tell. But it's a nice dick, shaved and with a pair of tightly packed nuts beneath. And our suckaholic Thierry is going down on it right from frame one.

Our Thierry could be described as a bit of a cum pig, and why not? I mean what's wrong with enjoying a bit of cock sucking and cum guzzling from time to time? You either spit or swallow, either way it's great fun and gives both of you a bit of pleasure. Our monsieur in the woods here is a swallower as you will see when he gets a mouthful of French Latin jizz towards the end of this clip. He's also an outdoor shooter as he then downloads himself onto the forest floor. I don't know, I just liked what this guy was doing, and he's got lots of other clips to check out if you like it too.

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