Be Prepared For Sex: Bring Your Toilet Roll And Your Glue

May 9, 2014 | Posted in Amateur by luke-preston


It's nice to see that the boys are prepared, they have the lube and they have the roll of toilet paper on the bed so if their hands get sticky that can wipe them off. This is definitely a homemade clip, done on a phone or similar, as sometimes when things are going hard and fast, they pixelate a bit, but it's still a horny watch.

It's basically two Korean guys having fun, and I don't mean they're playing Jenga and laughing a lot, they're having fun with each other's smooth twink bodies. They're sucking each other and then our top guy lubes up bottom boy's bottom in an act that actually looks like he is applying glue to a cracked vase. Well, I guess he is applying something to some kind of crack. And then he's fucking his ass and things get very noisy.

Simple, straightforward little clip that comes complete with sound and all necessary props, close-ups, shots from underneath and on top, but what it doesn't have is an ending. You might have to go to califun321's profile page and check out his other videos to see if this fun session ended well for both and if the toilet roll was needed.

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