Forget The Gear Stick, Use The Joy Stick

May 6, 2014 | Posted in Amateur by luke-preston


In some countries it's illegal to drive while you are on your phone, which always makes me wonder what car phones were invented for. But no, I see the sense in not being allowed to drive, text, talk and check Facebook while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle that could at any second cause an accident. In fact I think people who do drive and txt, phone, Tweet or order items from eBay should be made to stand in the middle of the road as other people drive by shopping on Amazon at high speed, and let's see how they like it!

But enough of that, what's that got to do with good old sex? Well, my question to you is: If it is illegal to use your phone while driving, is it also illegal to use your dick? Here we've got ‘minudist' an XTube user, driving his car with his pants down and his cock hard, and he's jerking himself off as he is driving. Now, is that more distracting than uploading your blog at forty miles an hour? I mean, this guy even cums while he's driving which must mean he is either very horny or very focused on two things at once, surely.

But there you go, or rather, there he goes, driving along with the radio playing and the scenery going by, stroking his dick and luckily not having to change gear; that really could put you off your stroke and cause an accident.

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