James Franco Took a Nude Sweaty Selfie Last Night

May 2, 2014 | Posted in gay by cilantro-che-guevara


Thirsty Oscar-nominated faux-gay, James Franco, unveiled his latest piece of digital performance art last night -- a sweaty naked bathroom selfie posted and then quickly deleted from his Instagram. This dude is kind of a fruit loop. If he's not actually trolling us, he literally looks like the type of weirdo that would hit on underage girls on the Internet. But if he is trolling us, then you have to wonder what he's getting out of it.

Is he making an artistic statement about celebrity culture? Is he commenting on our fame obsessed society by becoming a famous person obsessed with becoming mundane? Is he actually famous anymore? He's been in plenty of movies -- from Spiderman to Interior. Leather Bar. to Spring Breakers to Of Mice and Men on Broadway. But I guess he's just so far from being type-cast that nobody actually has any idea who the real person is. I like the stickers on his phone, though.

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