Skunk And Mate Rim, Blow, 69, And Fuck In A Hotel Room

April 22, 2014 | Posted in Amateur by luke-preston


I've got a thing for sex in hotel rooms, so every now and then I like to find a clip where a guy or guys have filmed themselves away from home. This clip, which user FrenchGermay has posted up, is one of the top hotel sex, amateur self-shoot, sessions I've seen so far. The two guys are around the same age, both fit, and they do look rather European I have to say; dark, slightly tanned and one has a skunk haircut and looks a bit ‘Alt.'

They set the camera up and they are so keen to get going that Skunk is already rimming his mate while Mate tries to set the camera correctly. Then they start off with some blowing, and Mate is constantly keeping an eye on his camera while he manoeuvres Skunk's head around his cock and gets him to deep throat it. Then, a bit later (it's a 16 minute clip this one) they stand up on the bed and start spreading around a bit. There's more rimming though this time it is more distant so full screen might be a way to go here, and then there's some 69.

There's loads more ass-worship in this clip, and Mate gets to look back into the camera again while Skunk rims him and jerks him at the same time, before Mate finally stars to slowly fuck him. There is no ending to the clip though, so check to the other videos from this user and you find several more in hotel rooms.

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