Parole Him. Parole Him Hard: Screwed By The Man, Fucked Like Trash


Maybe generic pretty boys named Tad or Skylar having paint-by-numbers sex in ivory-white bungalows just aren't doing it for you?

If glossy, mainstream gay porn has become the equivalent of Disney World -- six thrill rides and four hundred gift shops -- then those looking for more hardscrabble kicks need a new bad part of town to score in.

At the intersection of Dope Street and The Boulevard of Oblivion lies

I got yer kicks right here, man.

Let's face it:  there's a finite number of porn scenarios out there in the ether.  There's only so many shirtless servant boys who can utter "How else may I serve you, sir?" all come-hither-like to their masters.  How many cops can smirk "How bad you want out of that ticket?" before life loses all meaning?  "Dude, I'm totally straight!"  -- essentially, the blue movie equivalent of "Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" -- has become so hoary that it could easily vanish down the rabbit hole without being missed.

Parole Him admirably succeeds at putting a novel spin on one of gay porn's favorite plot devices -- coercion.  Taking a cue from Cannibal Holocaust and The Blair Witch Project, the site purports that all of its content is actually found footage culled from a Florida police sting wherein rogue parole officers were busted for forcing their charges to spread for them on camera.  Thanks Freedom of Information Act!


There are men in this mortal coil who are born wards of the state and stay that way when they hit adulthood. They have warrants out on them, are perpetually just going to or just coming from the slammer, and are prone to selling what's stuffed into their jeans when the opportunity presents itself.  There's a very specific look to them, and you know one when you see him.  The men featured on the site hit the casting mark perfectly:  lots of trashy tats, redneck hair 'dos, wife-beaters,  and prison yard builds.   There's nary a chipper Corbin Fisher joy boy or Falcon mannequin in sight.

Best of all is the site's main selling point and visual center piece:  a lumbering, goateed, tatted-out, jacked-up parole officer with a shaved pate and zero scruples who simply wallows in his sneering sadism and punch-drunk-on-his-own-power entitlement.  This pig gives Ilsa, She-Wolf of The S.Sand Krug from The Last House On The Left a run for their money when it comes to sheer  debauched erotic hostility.  "I scoff at the Law!  No one can stop me!  I am the God of Hellfire!  No comeuppance!"  Yes, I fear him, but I also want to become him.

The sex depicted here is personal, gritty, and nasty to the bone.  Baldo delights in being ripped and stripped as he works his charges over  -- happy to step on their faces in mid-rut -- while his ectomorphic foil of a crony films the whole thing with cackling beta male glee.  "We own you!" the pair laugh as their imperiled parolees sinkingly realize that their asses were safer in the big house.  The men often break the fourth wall -- "I can't believe you fucks are filming this shit!" one parolee half-whines as he takes it face down -- and at times, things get very topical, political even.   Our Bianchi and Buono go so far as to threaten the family of a man with questionable immigration status, mocking his English before setting in on him like lions upon a hapless gazelle.   Why, these fuckers are so remorselessly evil that they could give a shit about The DREAM Act!

It's all sick and wrong.  Just obscenely wrong. panders to the most base, crude instinct of the male sex drive. It's appallingly unrepentant in all its leering, voyeuristic, exploitative depravity.  It sickens me on a fundamental human level.  This is porn made by degenerates for degenerates.

And goddammit I just want so badly to be a part of it!






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