British Amateurs Aren't Shy When It Comes to Jacking Off

April 2, 2014 | Posted in Amateur by luke-preston


They say that the Brits are inhibited and hold back. Well, you know, that's sometimes true in my experience, But when you find a horny British lad on a free porn or tube site you know that he is going to be anything but inhibited. Just so with this guy, British Lad, on XTube. He's got a nice long, eight minute, amateur clip of him playing with his British cock, and its' a bit of a horny viewing if you ask me.

OK, so it takes him a while to get going and the first few minutes of the clip are simply of his face, in semi-darkness, but after that (and you can skip forward) you get a nice slow striptease as he reveals his smooth, white amateur body. This looks to be a clip taken from a cam-to-cam session, as he types into his PC as he strips, leaning in closer to the camera, then standing back and dropping his pants.

Then he reveals his hard cock, a nice length, and starts stroking it to the cam. The best part though comes when he lies down and puts the cam between his legs so we can see his hairy nuts, moving up and down as he strokes his shaft. This is one of those free clips where the guy cums as well (sign in for HD and get a better view) though for some reason it was also a silent clip. This simply made it even hornier to see this amateur British lad jerking his cock and shooting.

Watch British Lad on XTube

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