Epic Bear Fuck Makes Us Feel All Warm And Nasty Inside

February 3, 2014 | Posted in gay by neil-o-hare


You might feel it on the outside too, if your load shoots right up onto your face like you've been fucked silly like this dude.

When two experienced Xtube users get together to fuck on camera, it's like the joy of watching a tandem bike ride by, or maybe one of those motorcycles with the little side car. Except that both these burly fellas are pulling their weight, sucking, fucking and, yes, mugging in the mirror to put on a show for the folks at home (that's you!). Though it's curious that they chose to play to the mirror in the background rather than towards the camera, we're considering it an artistic choice and we have to respect that. Any video with a facial finale this good is certainly doing something right.

Hairyalaskanartist fucks me again (Xtube)

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