Christian Wilde & Robert Axel (Bound Gods)

August 16, 2013 | Posted in Editorial Features by fleshbot

Bound Gods:

Ripped body builder Robert Axel awaits in the dungeon, bound and gagged as Christian Wilde approaches. Christian tears away his sub's clothes, revealing his chiseled body. After some impact play, Robert's gag is removed for him to swallow Christian's giant cock. Robert's cock is raging hard as he's bound for his master's delight. Christian edges the muscled stud's cock before tormenting his balls, weighing them down with as many weights as he can fit. As the weights pull, Robert is beaten with the crop before being bent over to receive his master's cock. With his hands tied to the ceiling, Robert is oiled up as Christian beats him front to back with the flogger. With a final fuck, Christian milks a load out of the stud's cock before dousing Robert's entire body with his cum.

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